Sometimes we think something's wrong with us and perhaps it's the same with everyone, and perhaps not...

by Cathrin • Feb 2019


How a dad can cope all day long with his twin's screams and cries is beyond imagination for non-parents. 

by Cathrin • Febuary 2019


Kids may leave the nest, but the nest remains a safe haven nonetheless.

by Cathrin • Oct 2018


When someone has your best interest at heart...

by Cathrin • Aug 2010


Some say there are monsters under the bed, but they only come at night. My monster couldn't care less what time of the day it was...

by Cathrin • Jul 2010


We all remember these teachers who exhibited weird habits...

by Cathrin • Aug 2018

Baking Faith_001_col.jpg

Living in shared accommodations result in all sorts of housemates. This one was a nice guy who inspired me this short story.

by Cathrin • Sept 2018


When I was living in China, I got a weird phone call from my teacher one morning...

by Cathrin • Oct 2008

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